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Fearless designer, committed and passionate as they come, Alfonso de la Fuente Rey and his alter ego, Pichiglas, has been for more than a decade in the business, pushing forward the limits of design in the “Ciudad Condal” and the world.

A true self-taught designer that landed in Barcelona in 1997 with a desire to bring a breath of fresh air to the decoration scene.



After discovering the art of plastic recycling, Pichiglas started using mass  consumption  bottles found around to create his distinctive lamps. this was turning point of the meteoric rise of Alfonso de la Fuente, a Barcelona-Based creative Valladolid with a mind overflowing of imagination.


His “Mimosin” lamp, earned him the first prize in the Expohogar 97 fair. At that time, Pichiglas, starts walking a rapid race, tracing a brilliant career with the birth of his company “Pichiglas Studio” based on hard work, humor, color and Irony.

After achieving success with its line of decorative objects and accessories, he expanded its concerns into fashionable bars, restaurants, hairdressers and nightclubs. Alfonso has an innate gift for making textures, materials and everyday objects into real visual stimuli that certainly will not leave you indifferent.

In a period in which absolute minimalism triumphs, Pichiglas revolutionizes the decoration of spaces with a common denominator; explosion of color. Build concepts based on an exquisite simplicity to achieve a result of unprecedented expressive power.

Someone said that the magic of a true genius was to know how to reinvent itself, this genius of creation that have been able to combine his essence an because of it earning a deserved niche in the panorama of contemporary design.


His creations will never cease to amaze.