Bar and restaurants

Solid – 2015

The old and famous “Princesa23″ bar on the Born area was up for a remodelling. Our studio took this matter on his hands to completely remodel the space and concept.


Burgers Pans & Company – 2015

Burgers concept restaurant for the company Pans & Company.


Migas – 2010

Migas, Beijing, China.

Migas Bar / Restaurant

Le chic – 2009

Le chic bar, Cadiz, Spain.

Le chic

Afrodisia – 2007

Afrodisia Bar.


Mocco – 2006

Mocco bar, Valladolid, Spain.


Spora – 2004

Spora, Barcelona, Spain.


Smooth – 2007

Smooth bar, Spain.


Melitón – 2001

Melitón restaurant, Barcelona, Spain. A warm place, a space suitable for a perfect dinner.


Fonfone – 2000

Fonfone bar, Barcelona, Spain. In the heart of Barcelona downtown, Escudellers street, stood up the (now closed) Fonfone bar, now a mythic place of the history of Barcelona nights.


Radiola – 2000

Radiola Bar, Valladolid, Spain. A hot and sexy 70s retro style climbing all the walls and rooms of the Labrador street place.


Discotèque – 1999

Discothèque bar, Barcelona, Spain. One of the most influential bar in the international projection of Barcelona, in his dj boot have been the most recognized dj’s of the scene, plus famous and selected shows.


La Terraza – 1999

La Terraza, Poble Espanyol, Barcelona. Nestled at the side of Barcelona’s famous Montjuic Hill where masses of international DJs have played since it opened 15 years ago.

La Terraza

Walden – 1998

Walden Bar. Barcelona, Spain. The Walden 7 is an apartment building designed by Ricardo Bofill’s team and located in the town of Sant Just Desvern, close to Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. Between the terrains of the building the architects took advantage of and old cement factory to make what’s called today “El mirador” restaurant and Bar.