Art & lighting

2004 Noble Materials

In 2004, Alfonso started to perfect his work with plastic and manufacturing of lamps from bottles: his work evolved and became more elegant, sophisticated, of more quality. On one side, the studio kept going for the recycling and reusing processes; on the other side, the designer was changing the usual materials such as plastic by more noble ones such as wood and iron.

2000 – 2007 Recurrence

From 2000, Alfonso strengthened his dedication to interior design and started developing global projects involving lamps and lighting, furniture, facing, flooring and distribution. His peculiar style was characterized by the combination of plastic, volumes, furniture, perspectives, the treatment of light and the use of colour; by the way he played with geometric designs and eclectic environments to create an atmosphere. In this sense, he made unique lamps with jellyfish-like structures and very special optic effects based on the recurrence of translucent elements, mainly bottles. The wanted effect was the look and feel of baroque lamps: the transparency of plastic, the accumulation of bottles and the structure of the lamps remind of the crystal and opulence of old lamps in big halls.

1997 – 2000 TODO A 100

When he arrived to Barcelona from Valladolid back in 1997, Alfonso de la Fuente discovered plastic recycling, which became the main characteristic of those early years: recuperating materials from the street (mainly plastic bottles) and giving them a new life. That same year he created his first lamp. In 1998, the designer began improving his technique with plastic by adding products from one dollar shops in order to produce: the same effect was created but in a more efficient way, making everyday objects go beyond their functionality and become part of a thoughtful and funny composition.