Spora – 2004


Placed in the beautiful Mediterranean sea of Barcelona, the Spora restaurant  is open to the public in a two story building with huge differences between the floors. The low level story of the restaurant reassemble, as Alfonso de la Fuente said, “The interior of a fishbowl in a Miami Beach business itself.”. Fresh and comfortable, this level has a 5×5 ice-blue mosaic on the floor that continue along the front and top of the bar, giving a very pleasant feeling to be in the bottom of a sunny pool. The ceiling painted with a curved, wavy mural is an important element in the mood of the place. Using up to nine different tones of blue, the wave starts in the walls and grow until it breaks over the huge black Formica and PVC  structure of the kitchen. The lamps on top of the bar are handcrafted pieces from the designer, made from two methacrylate ball that cover a pair of  blue Tupperware bowls where the bulbs are located.