Spora – 2004

  Placed in the beautiful Mediterranean sea of Barcelona, the Spora restaurant  is open to the public in a two story building with huge differences between the floors. The low level story of the restaurant reassemble, as Alfonso de la Fuente said, “The interior of a fishbowl in a Miami Beach business itself.”. Fresh and comfortable, this level has a 5×5 ice-blue mosaic on the floor that continue along the front and top of the... Read More

Melitón – 2001

Meliton is a warm place, a space suitable for a perfect dinner. Pichiglas made a well-balanced makeover of the restaurant, where a minimalistic furniture combines with a modernist decoration made in plastic stripes and plexiglas lamps. This restaurant was a one of the most representative spaces for the minimalistic style of Pichiglas in the 2000, until his closure in 2004. #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item... Read More

Fonfone – 2000

In the heart of Barcelona downtown, Escudellers street, stood up the (now closed) Fonfone bar, now a mythic place of the history of Barcelona nights. Mega-modern, hauntingly attractive and original, Fonfone was a double atmosphere bar, where the first section of the tunnel like premises made a chill room to take the first cup of the night. Later you could go deeper to the last room, where the large dancing floor was decorated with pop illustrations... Read More

Discotèque – 1999

Discothèque has been since his beginning in 1997 one of the most influential bar in the international projection of Barcelona, in his dj boot have been the most recognized dj’s of the scene, plus famous and selected shows. The decoration made this nightclub the one to be, located in the “Poble Espanyol” a very especial place in the top of Montjuïc. Plastic lightning, a screen with own live and a very cosy atmosphere was the goal,... Read More

La Terraza – 1999

La Terrrazza is an incredible open-air club inside a beautiful walled replica village (Pueblo Español) that’s nestled at the side of Barcelona’s famous Montjuic Hill where masses of international DJs have played since it opened 15 years ago. From his location you can see all the beautiful surrounding city of Barcelona, and all the park near the place. Combining this sights and styles “La Terraza” evolved to a very fresh... Read More