The elaboration of the Camino stores represented for the designer, the return to the interior and its origins with the recycling, the use of cheap materials maybe collected from the street objects, like woods and doors. In the case of Camino, a series of Japanese reminiscence pine structures houses. These woods from the street in the form of drawers and various details, which gives a personal touch and unique to each.

On the other hand are the structures in Mecalux, which are used to profile the shelves and to arrange the shoes together with a grid die; This allows you to hang hooks for shoes.

In general, the space predominates an industrial/workshop style, which is very in line with certain brands sold in the store and its values ​​of quality and craftsmanship. And while it is true that the general style predominates in all stores alike, some details and colors vary from store to store: for example, decorative items such as the striking bicycle cuffs or paelleras as exhibiting object. At the same time, lamps – a fundamental part of the designer’s work – are always on different concepts, and are generally made of ceramic, glass and wood.

However, Camino shops have always been a meeting point for those who want to find a unique product that represents a cosmopolitan and Mediterranean lifestyle.