El beso y la lluna

El beso y la lluna

A new design concept, this time in the ever-changing city center of Barcelona, ​​near Plaça Sant Jaume.
The inspiration comes straight from the Mediterranean cuisine, from the lively colors of the food to the traditional utensils used in it. From the entrance, a set of organic shapes, a mixture of vegetables and kitchen utensils, welcomes the 50’s style and gives an idea of ​​the colors that will predominate in the rest of the place; In this case, the most vivid tones of the products characteristic of a mediterranean dish: green, khaki, red and mustard. Up the stairs decorated with kitchen utensils, the upstairs awaits with a cozy decoration with leaves of tropical plants and a roof that pays homage to the name of the establishment: in a dark purple tone and adorned with small and large lights, The reproduction of a night sky that welcomes all the way. Not to mention the lamps, built from the most everyday objects such as bicycle wheels, baskets and shoe laces.
In general, the entire design of El Beso Y La LLuna, from the drawings and shapes to the lamps, present a style and colours suitable for all audiences, pleasant and grateful.