Happy Pills

In relation to the pharmacy image that the Happy Pills brand wanted to convey, the design for this stores went for something purist, white and even with futuristic touches, like a spaceship; Which does not mean that you couldn’t  combine the recycling of materials, in this case the bottle that the brand marketed for its products, which the designer converted into lamps in an original and personal way.

In the different shops of Happy Pills designed by Pichiglas, the theme of the tablets and their bottles has been taken as a reference in different ways: on one hand, for the design of the door of a room, that imitates its shape and, Especially for the rounded corners and the white color, contributes part of that space aurea. On the other hand, the exterior of another premises, whose windows imitate pillars and create a unique showcase. Also, elements of the interior of the stores like the counters, designed with form of band-Aid. Overall, Happy Pills adopts a design that is able to welcome customers and transport them to their own universe.