Migas Terrace

The exit to the exterior gives to another bar collected by a striped pergola. This bar is made of white cement, with golden details and a textured black marble envelope, while the bottle that delimits it is made of bamboo tubes. It breathes a Mediterranean, island atmosphere, and the predominant colors are purple, blue, mustard and persimmon.
The terrace extends in a semicircle, surrounding a glass that has been covered in such a way that it imitates the bags of the great luxury brands: first, a leather border with a rope imitating the stitching of said accessories; then, the glass covered by a layer of raffia and by a layer of palm trees and dry plants painted in color.
The sofa that dominates the space is inspired by the Danish industrial designer Verner Panton; It is located on a loft that allows to better see the views. It is made of whitish cement, a material that allows us to follow the philosophy of the first Migas and reminds us of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle.
As for the rest of the furniture, the predominant styles are the New Memphis and the influences of the eighties. The tables have a terrazzo envelope and are held by geometric shapes. The chairs, made of plastic raffia in the purest style of the terraces of Paris. These tables and chairs are accompanied by a series of lamp posts and white pots, all decorated with geometric borders and tribal motifs. The sofa is also accompanied by lamps, in the same style and arranged as lampposts to simulate the atmosphere of a park.