Located on the beach of the condal city, Spora opens to the Mediterranean in a space on two levels and a terrace. Below, the blue sky mosaic of 5×5 that extends even by the front and the top of the bar gives the sensation of being submerged inside a swimming pool. At the same time, the mural that decorates the ceiling represents a fundamental element and of great protagonism in the ambience of the place: with up to 9 ranges of blues, the lines are combined, delimited by a black profile, from the ceiling until descending by the walls And finish in the structure of black formica and gray PVC that gives room to the kitchen. The bar lamps are two large transparent methacrylate balls covering the luminous core made with blue and white plastic bowls, all made by the Alfonso de la fuente artistically. The ground floor is generally pleasant and relaxing, evoking, in the designer’s words, the interior of a fish tank or a local in Miami Beach.

The upper floor houses a chromatic range of roses and blacks that make it more sophisticated. Here the ceiling is also designed as a mural, and the furniture opts for more classic elements and unique pieces. This room offers fascinating sea views through the large openings, which later give way to a large mirror in fuchsia color that reflects the room in spectacular tones.

However, it is not necessary to ignore the lamp that hangs in the recess of the staircase and that becomes a reference element of space and the project in general. Also handcrafted by the designer, this suspension lamp is made with bottles of Solán de Cabras blue; Pichiglás created the design at the same time that the opening of the Fonfone, the same owners of Spora and where this water was consumed.