Alfonso de la Fuente

“I like to recover something existing in order to transform it and tell my own story”

Fearless, passionate and committed designer, Alfonso de la Fuente and his alter ego Pichiglas are turning 20 years of prolific career in Barcelona pushing forward the limits of design in the city and the world. Since 1997, when he landed in the “Ciudad Condal” and revolutionised it, Alfonso has been evolving as a self-taught artist and bringing breaths of fresh air to the decoration scene thanks to his mind overflowing of imagination.

After discovering the art of plastic recycling, Pichiglas used mass consumption bottles found around to create, which ended up giving his first lamp in 1997. Pichiglas started developing fast thanks to the hard work, humour, colour and irony. He was part of that cool Barcelona that had such a particular style and where people would dare to do anything; always brining his personal touch.

“Today, we must tell things when we create, surprise and shock, but never losing our essence, what defines us”

After getting successful with the decoration objects and accessories, the designer also becomes interested in global design for the decoration of cool bars, restaurants, shops, locals and clubs, some of them becoming a classic such as Fonfone.

With these, the designer’s work becomes known nationally but also makes him receive orders from countries like France and Italy this work stands out for his capacity to make textures, materials and objects everyday objects into real visual stimuli that certainly will not leave anybody indifferent. In a period in which absolute minimalism triumphs, Pichiglas revolutionizes the decoration of spaces with a common denominator; explosion of colour. Build concepts based on an exquisite simplicity to achieve a result of unprecedented expressive power.

This genius of the mixing and reinterpretation has managed to earn a deserved nice in the national and international artistic panorama thanks to his creative sharpness, his capacity to inspire, his passion and sensibility for design that is visible in every piece of work. His creations will never cease to amaze.

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