This wool shop has been designed in the style of a country house or village or, more specifically, the workshop inside one of these houses. The product to be marketed makes one think of the cold and the artisan tradition, and in the towns where people carry it out.

As for the materials, the ceiling is made in Gotelé style to give a wooly effect and remind us of the knots and balls in the clothes; The ground of tufa, respecting the tradition of the houses of town, and the walls either of plaster or in galvanized with a twisted design (again imitating the wool) to be able to hang the shelves.

The furniture and decorative elements are, in general, a combination of iron and wood: the shelves in aged galvanised metal in which to put the buckets of the wool by colors in the purest style of the hardware stores; The counter is iron and wood with a very traditional character; The wool baskets are black rod cages; And the posters in wood of marquetry are elaborated by the Studio Knock.