Wala is a sports equipment store in Barcelona created from the conservation and refinishing, especially bricks and aluminum, of an old lighting factory. The original structure and materials have been maintained in floor, ceiling and columns, and have been illuminated by a common fluorescent screen arranged in the form of blades or crosses and squares, giving a giant pixelated effect.

The entrance to the premises is inspired by a tunnel of time, dark, metallic and futuristic; Above, four transparent methacrylate fish tanks to support Ogo bottles full of water that create a moiré effect; To the sides, a digital clock with LEDs to reinforce the retro-futuristic atmosphere.

The bar area, with vending machines and self-service, is dressed in four spruce cabinets inspired by packing boxes that look like the silhouette of a person sitting, and tables and stools in lacquered PVC for a friendly environment; The Chiquipark (Kids park), customized with the colors of the logo and illuminated with two giant lamps made with green cubes: the Jeans zone, formed by a pergola and some cubes of different materials and formats; The children area, inspired by a farm of chickens and where the great lamp of jars of Colacao stands out; The ​​sports footwear area, made of perforated iron so that the light passes through; The Changing room is a giant circular structure of PVC pipes lacquered in red; The football area, decorated in white and illuminated so that it can be differentiated from the others; The ramp, tucked inside an oval hollow of black metal tubes that ends in the lamp cage, made of four different luminaries and bottles of beer. At the end, the 11 boxes lined with Formica imitation wood, each with its own lamp made with plastic screens and different colors. On the way out, a peculiar railing of black iron circles.