Although, at first, the entrance door and the hall conceal what the lodge houses, the staircase already offers some indications of the style inside the Mocco Club, located in the center of Valladolid. Once inside, the great hall is where the maximum expression of the minimaltuning style is found: work with neutral colors (white, black) and then a strong addition of colors through the light. A large sofa presides over one of the side walls, and from its back is born an arch that, rising to the ceiling, has been coated with PVC pipes to produce a totally futuristic effect along with the lights embedded between them. Behind them is the bar, where the suspension lamps made with green Sprite bottles, as well as the stools of a 50’s style stand out. Not to mention the DJ’s cabin, made with white cement. In his front part stands out a blue digital LED clock, shining in the dark.
The entire room contains eye-catching optical effects that give the feeling of being in a spaceship arisen from a science fiction film; The saturation of elements and shapes, the flashing lights and fluorescent colors and, above all, the light make the Mocco Club a song to modernity and fun; The perfect combination of minimaltuning, futurism and psychedelia.